A few more steps towards Child Marriage Prevention

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the tremendous support you are giving us, both financially and motivationally! Your support means the world to the girls here. This project has generated a marked change within our girls. They have become even more courageous, confident and enthusiastic about their futures. Not only this but the older girls are showing leadership qualities amongst their peers.

_MG_1760For the past month the students from grades 8-12 have been working on a play, which they presented on July 14th, 2014, to the parents, staff and students. The premise of the play was the prevention of child marriage. Through the play we showed the contrast between the lives of two girls. One that gets married at 15 years old and is pulled out of school early and the other that finishes school and attends University. The target audience of the play was the parents of the students. The intention behind performing this play was to encourage parents to allow their daughters to study longer and create for themselves the best future possible. The students and staff wanted to relay the impact that early marriage has on a young girl’s life. Many of the parents were moved to the point of tears while watching the performance. The girls performed extremely well and we are very proud of them!

_MG_1692The July 14th function also included performances from other student groups. The self-defense/karate students showed us some of their stellar moves! The young yoga dance performers wowed the audience with their flexibility, skills and grace. And the traditional dancers were beautiful and talented! (Photos of event are attached and video coming soon)

The staff compiled a legal affidavit, which was circulated at the function and signed by parents whereby they swore not to marry their daughters before the age 18. Attendance from the parents was surprisingly high, 80% of parents were in attendance!!

This entire function would not have come into fruition had it not been for our project and your support, we thank you whole-heartedly!

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Planting Kalpa Tarus in Vrindavan

_MG_1840We would like to thank Kurt Mausert and Family for sponsoring tree plantation in Vrindavan. Our school girls got together and planted 24 trees around the premises of the new school with their kind donation.

Vrindavan without trees is like a mother without her children. The importance of trees to Krishna and to the whole awareness of Krishna in Vrindavan is fundamental. The name ‘Vrindavan’ itself means forest ofVrinda, the plant most dear to Krishna. _MG_1836

Vrindavan, famous for its groves of sacred Kadamba, Pipal, Tamal, Amalaki and Vata is now almost bare. Most of the groves and forests in the surrounding landscape have been removed for farming. Around the town itself the few remaining trees are rapidly disappearing under the hands of “developers”. If you wish to plant trees in Vrindavan too, please send in your contribution at http://www.fflvrindavan.org/en/donate.html , Or you can write to us at srd@fflvrindavan.org .

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Dance performance at Madhan Mohan temple

A few photos taken on the afternoon of Saturday the 14th of June  during two performances,one at Madhan Mohan temple & an impromptu one at Radhe Priya Dham,(Apartment complex opposite our FFL Flats in Madhuban Colony)Vrindavan. A few of our girl students from our Kiki Nagla school took part(Sunita,Poonam,Neetu,Roompi)under the guidance of Sri Radhika Dasi, dancing to a traditional Brajabhasi song named “Gokul ki pani Hari”,during the celebrations of Snana Yatra,where the temple deities in Vrindavan get bathed in water_MG_9485.






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Violence Prevention Program Coordinator

Are you a woman who is ready for a Unique Opportunity to start your career in a PILOT PROJECT in the field of PRIMARY PREVENTION of VIOLENCE AGAINST GIRLS?  Are you committed to making the lives of girls safer?
Do you have the ability to learn from, and partner with, an experienced educator to develop a visionary program that can be replicated all over India?

We are looking for an energetic, responsible, and hard working professional that is interested in supporting our commitment to finding strategies to enhance the safety of our female students. The candidate is expected to (i) relocate to VRINDAVAN U.P. for a commitment of 1-2 years, (ii) respectfully live and work in a Vaishnava environment and (iii) have educational, employment, and background references.


1. Languages: Fluent Hindi and Spoken & Written English
2. Educational Qualifications are flexible: Women’s Studies or affiliated program and/or
previous organizational /activist experience in any of the following fields: (i) Women’s Empowerment,
(ii) Violence against Women, (iii) Child Abuse Prevention

3. Computer skills: MS Word / Open Office, as well as social networking ability.
4. Personal Skills: (i) highly organized with excellent attention to details; (ii) able to multi-task, (iii) ability to work independently and in teams, (iv) creative problem solver with a  positive attitude
5. Ability to provide classroom instructions for young students in a dynamic modern style.
6. Manage crisis intervention for child abuse and sexual assault emergencies (FFLV provides additional training and support)
7. Ensure close coordination with FFLV management

Please submit a Curricula Vitae and a written response to the questions below to

1. What are your ideas about how to prevent violence against girls in India?
2. Why would you like to be involved in this program?

Residential accommodation provided. Interviews take place in May until position is filled.

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S.H.E. Event at Select City Walk Shopping Mall

_MG_2205On the eve of International Women’s Day ,The Body Shop Organisation in a joint venture with Food For Life  Vrindavan organised an event that took place on friday the 7th of March at New Delhi Biggest shopping Mall,Select City Walk.
The name of the event was called S.H.E.which stands for Support Her Education,aimed at helping the girls of Food For Life Vrindavan.

The Body Shop agreed to sponsor about one hundred girls,and for every purchase that is made at their stores a percentage goes for sponsoring the girls education(the amount is ten rupees per transaction).Thanks to Aastha Sharma(Marketing Manager) and Aanchal Raghav(Assistant Manager and PR at Marketing)who organised the event and volunteered to sponsor the girls.

_MG_2583Bollywood star,Vivek Oberoi,who has been supporting Food For Life Vrindavan for many years was also present at the event,also the famous Hasya Kavi Surendra Sharma was present.A press conference was called and many TV reporters interviewed  both Vivek and Surendra,who were happy to discuss their views regarding women rights and the changes that need to be brought within society regarding the increasing rate of abuse and violence towards women._MG_2205

The Sandipani Muni school girls gave three impressive performances _MG_2087based on these abuse and violence topics and they received standing ovations and words of appreciation from the organisers and the crowd present.The performances were meant to be a vehicle to showcase the new Violence Prevention Programme(VPP)which was started in FFL Vrindavan as a tool to prevent child marriages,dowry demands and daily harassment from local boys in the streets of Vrindavan and India.

The event was a success,the message was clearly broadcasted,and the response was more than what both the Body Shop and FFL Vrindavan expected.


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