Peter Burwash to Become 10th Inductee In Tennis Industry Hall of Fame

P.Burwash 003

Peter Burwash on his visit to Vrindavan

Peter Burwash, the founder and president of Peter Burwash International (PBI), the largest tennis management company in the world, will become the 10th inductee into the Tennis Industry Hall of Fame. As the sole inductee for 2015, Burwash will join tennis legends Billie Jean King, Nick Bollettieri and Dennis Van der Meer, who received this honor in previous years.

Peter has been a great supporter of Food for Life Vrindavan, helping in the education of girls for many years. He has visited FFLV many times in the past years along with his daughters. He has supported FFLV morally and financially, however, most importantly he has given his precious time to the organization and has conducted morally uplifting talks and seminars for the staff of FFLV.

Bringing tennis to the world is the legacy of Peter Burwash—as a player, coach, author, motivational speaker and founder of PBI, which has reached millions of players. 

P.Burwash 002

Peter with our school girl Laxmi

“I am greatly honored to have been selected for the Tennis Industry Hall of Fame,” said Burwash, who now resides in Carmel Valley, Calif. “I’ve loved tennis ever since I first picked up a racquet at age 12. Our business for the last 40 years has been all about helping people to play tennis and enjoy the game. It’s wonderful to receive this recognition for doing something you love. Although this is an individual honor, it would not have happened without the dedication and loyalty of so many PBI professionals.”

We are really very happy for his achievement and want to congratulate him on behalf of all the school children and staff of FFLV who love him dearly. We wish him all the success in his life.


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India’s 69th Independence day celebrations at Sandipani Muni School (Photo Gallery)


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Make the right choice

I have been volunteering at FFLV for a week and half now. I can just say that everyday is like the first day. The children steal your heart with their positivism towards life and with their huge smiles. Teachers, employees and all the staff members are so gentle and willing to help that I cannot ask for anything more. I am supposed to help here, but with all this kindness they are helping me.
_MG_9955I taught to children in Italy, my native country, but my heart never got so full of emotions like in here. It is incredible what people who do not have much can do and FFLV is a really great example of that. There is such an atmosphere here, such an incredible energy that has been moving this school in the right way for 25 years now.

There are things that needs to be improved of course. That is why we people need to help them in that. They are doing a great job, they are making the difference for these children who probably would have not had the chance to go to school. Now it is our turn to help. We all together can give a better future to those children. We all together can give them the opportunity to try to realize their dreams. We all together can really do something.

They do not have choice, we have. We just need to choose the right one. 
Make your choice, help FFLV.

Francesca Candosin, Italy

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Update: Bhakti Without Borders



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Remembering Kurma Rupa Prabhu

Jai Gopal,
Kurma Rupa Prabhu Ki Jai!

11036600_878875168858762_6240223984146820548_nIt was in 1997 when I was sharing a house with Kurma Rupa Prabhu in Vrindavan. Bihari lal, a brajbasi, donated a young male cow to Kurma. The bull was named Padmalochana and he started living in that house with us. I remember Kurma used to personally cook for him every day. That marked the beginning of Care for Cows. For the following 18 years Kurma Rupa prabhu fully dedicated his life to the service of sick and injured cows. Initially He personally tended to their needs, day and night. He worked tirelessly for years and today Care for cows has 220 cows in the FFLV land and 200 more across the Yamuna. He never cared or desired for anything in return from the cows, He just wanted to serve.

He used to say, “Cows are always loyal, they are not dual. They are just grateful…always. If you establish a connection with them, you will surely establish a connection with the Dham”.
cows in yamuna
When Kurma recently fell sick, he wanted to spend his last few days amidst the cows, so we moved him from a comfortable AC flat to a small room facing the Goshala. He left remembering them and he was happy that he had done what he could. He was satisfied that there is a dedicated team of people carrying on his legacy.  He left in the best of months (Purushottam mas), and best of days (Padmini Ekadashi), surrounded by harinaam and devotees, at 8:45 am when Gopal leaves for cow herding in Goloka. This time Gopal took Kurma with him.

What more can I say?, what a way to live!, what a way to die!

11703027_10155690490550394_1115279796889862006_nHe is now in his real home, the eternal Vrindavan, where he now runs freely in the pastures of Goloka Vrindavan, with His Gopal and laughing heartily with His cowherd boyfriends, blissfully tending 900000 cows of Nanda Maharaj.

Kurma Rupa Prabhu ki jai!

Go Mata ki jai!

Your Servant

Rupa Raghunath Das

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