Sandipani Muni School students visit Mathura Police Station


Recently,during the school holidays,a group of 45 students divided in groups of 15,each belonging to the 10th,11th and 12th Grade classes ,accompanied by their teachers and

by Ms Pratibha Sharma,a lawyer and member of the Child Welfare Committee,visited the Mahila Thana Police Station of Mathura,which deals specifically with women cases.

Every district in the local state of Uttar Pradesh has one of these Police Stations. The Mathura Branch is run by Station Head Officer Bipin Chowdary and her supporting staff.

Amongst the girls,in particular those who are studying in the 11th and 12th grades there are many who want to become Police Officers once their studies are completed.

Hence they had a lot of questions towards the Station officers regarding how to deal with reports of abuse,violence,rape,etc.. The girls were told about the 3 Helpline numbers to use in the event of any cases of violence,abuse,etc.: Dial 100 to report a case, Dial 1098 for the women helpline and 1090 in the case of child abuse or violence(up to the age of 18),they were shown practical demonstration on how to fill up form and write reports.They were given the history of these kind of Police Station and where they started.


Afterwards they visited the District Legal Service Authority, a type of Court for people who are not able to afford the fees to fight a legal case.

They met with a local advocate who explained to them the type of services they provide and the intricacies of the legal system,and other information.

The girls were very enthusiastic about asking questions and those that chose to become Police officers received some advice and details regarding how to join and apply.



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A New Journey Ahead:Farewell to our 12th Grade Students

_MG_5799IZ3_2078It is time for exams and farewells at Sandipani Muni school Vrindavan. 2015 is the year when our 12th Grade students (A & B Classes) will finally graduate and get closer to their initial dream of progressing in life through higher education and obtain a degree which in the future would guarantee them a respectable occupation in life and better opportunities compared to what their parents had to deal with all their life.

It has been an adventure and a process of transformation, twelve years or more spent forging bonds amongst themselves, the teachers and the sponsors, bonds that have been the main source of support towards these students achievements.


Each and every one of them has been a success story, the proof that no matter what their family background was and the social conditioning they were brought up with,let alone the lack of opportunities, with dedication, support and enthusiasm it is possible to reach one’s aspirations and goals. It is the third batch of students that have managed to graduate so far, the first batch was in 2013 and the second last year in 2014. Almost all of the previous graduates are now studying at major University locally.

While their examinations have started a few weeks back, the 12th Graders received a surprise Farewell Party recently organized by their junior counterparts, the 11th Graders. This was the first year when such a celebration was spontaneously organized._MG_5813

It was a celebration of Gratitude towards their teachers and mentors, the students danced, sang, expressed words of gratitude towards their teachers,they presented them with gifts and written poems with personal dedications. All girls were dressed in their finest attire. There was laughter and tears at the same time,it was overwhelming for them to believe that they managed to complete their studies and yet the tears came when it was time to leave ,as many of these students will no longer be in the same class.

_MG_5810Rupa Raghunath and Nikunjavasini, the pioneers and the minds behind FFLV and Sandipani Muni Schools were both present at the Farewell party. Both were presented with handmade gifts from the students and both had words of encouragement and support towards them.

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Thank you

Dear Friends,
Thank you so much for your tremendous support towards the New Year Gift Festival 2015!

Breaking all the previous records, this year we distributed  5800 gift packs to the children of Braja,out of which a great amount of the total were school bags.

After some delay at the beginning due to extreme winters, the festival finally began on the 27th of January and went on for almost a week. The kids of Sandipani Muni School and also thousands of other children from the surrounding areas received these lovely little gift packets that contained toothpaste, doll, chocolate bar, candies, pencil, eraser, sharpener, pen, exercise book, bag, vaseline, soap, biscuits, hair clips, peanuts etc.

Every year these packets are meant not only as a gift but also to deliver a message of love and care and to encourage the kids to study. The children were overjoyed to receive their new stationary items along with other goodies.

We thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts for making this program successful, year after year!

Some of you who were personally present here saw all the excitement, however, for those who could not make it, we are attaching some pictures below. For more pictures, please visit our photo gallery… Enjoy!

Nikunjavasini dasi,Sponsorship department coordinator,at a government school New Year Gift Distribution programme.

Nikunjavasini dasi,Sponsorship department coordinator,at a government school New Year Gift Distribution programme.

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A tribute to Kayla Mueller

kayla muellerKayla volunteered at Food for Life Vrindavan  in 2010. She had a heart of gold. She volunteered for more then 6 months. At the beginning she was giving English classes and then the Kindergarten kids stolen her heart. She was very simple and humble. She loved the kids, without the  “fear”  that many foreigners have. She made many friendships with the parents of the children, use to visit them in the slum, even eat with them.

After her time here,  she went back to USA to make some money and went to Darfur, Sudan, into the civil war. After, again went back to USA to make more money working on 7/11 and that kind of job and left for Middle East… She loved that people.

Many time she went back. The last time we had contact  she was in USA, working to get enough money to go back to Syria and work with the refugees… after that, her Facebook account was deactivated and her e-mail also. We could not contact her more.

Our prayers go out to her family and friends, a wonderful soul who was making a real difference in many people’s lives. Sure she has gone on to a better life in the spiritual realm.


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The New Year Gift Festival

Dear Friends, _MG_3390 

So finally we have our New Year Gift Festival tomorrow, 29th of January, 2015. You are all welcome to come and attend and also hand out gifts to our kids personally!! It will be so much fun! Don’t miss out all the action, we start after 10:15 am.

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