Society for Dental and Oral Care programme(S.O.D.C.)at Sandipani Muni School

_MG_5487Recently,the Society for Dental and Oral Care (an indian NGO active since 1999 in six states such as Rajasthan, Maharastra, Madhya Pradesh, U.P., Uttaranchal and in Chandigarh, Punjab) in collaboration with Dabur India(the toothpaste company) sent one of their representatives to our Sandipani Muni School, Doctor Amit Gupta from a dental college in Jaipur, Rajasthan, to run an awareness and hygiene programme aimed at educating students in the importance of dental and oral hygiene.

_MG_5515Doctor Gupta gave practical demonstrations on how to brush one’s teeth properly, he gave examples of different types of oral diseases and the causes of them, at the end of the programme each student was given a tub of Dabur Red toothpaste.



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Bhakti Without Borders

Dear Friends,

Do you like music?, do you like to help those in need? here is a chance for you to do both. Bhakti without Borders is an ecstatic album that is due for release on the 12th May 2015 and the proceeds from this album will go towards the education of girls at FFLV!! So everytime you buy this album, the proceeds will go directly towards educating the girls of Vrindavan. Just by listening to some beautiful music, you can actually help change a girl’s life. Can it get better than that?

1This incredible album has been recorded by 12 world famous kirtaneers who came together to make this happen. This album was recorded purely for the purpose of charity. Here is a link if you wish to listen to the music clips of this enchanting album:

If you are a music lover, this album is a must have because it blends in music and voices from around the world. 12 great singers from 5 different countries, all to help the girls of Vrindavan get an education. _MG_5982

Such an album has never been made before!

When asked: What makes Bhakti Without Borders different?

Madi the executive producer of the album replied: “The charity is the sole purpose for making this album. It was crowd-funded up front so any profits that come in go straight to charity.”

When he was further asked why he chose FFLV, He answered: “I chose FFLV because so many of the modern Kirtan traditions hail from Vrindavan. That, and the fact that I am a longtime friend of the director, Rupa Raghunath. Having someone I trust handling the funds was crucial, if I was going to ask other people’s help.”

 Here is a link to the full interview of Madi Das:

FinalCoverWatch the promo video of Bhakti without borders here :

Click here to pre-order the album today!

You can also PRE-ORDER this album on ITUNES and AMAZON.COM. Please share and gift this great album to your friends and family!!

Like them on facebook:

The album’s Instagram page is:

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Successful SHE Campaign Raises 3 Million

DSC_0273On 7th of March 2014 The Body Shop started this all India campaign where they aimed to sponsor 100 girls of Sandipani Muni School for an entire year. They targeted to raise 3 million rupees for this wonderful project, which they named: SHE (Support Her Education). We are really excited to share with you that this project, encouraged by Vivek Oberoi, have successfully raised the amount and have set a great example in the society.

DSC_0628The whole year was full of excitement and activities, that not only developed a heart to heart relationship between the school girls and the employees of The Body Shop, but also gave a lot of exposure to the various talents of our school children who presented their dancing and acting skills on various occasions. The campaign made the girls feel confident about themselves.

DSC_0131For our girls here it was not just a campaign but also an opportunity of knowing these wonderful people that were willing to come forward and help out, who were willing to walk that extra mile to support them, wanting nothing in return.

When the employees of the Body Shop visited last year, I clearly remember how so many girls came to me with a broad smile on their faces and said, “Didi, ye log kitne achhe hain! :)“. (Meaning: Didi, these people are so nice!” :) ). This is how organizations like The Body Shop and its people set an example in the society and restore faith in humanity.


 We take this opportunity to say “A Big Thank You!” to The Body Shop for this Successful Campaign and for helping 100 girls remain in the school and explore themselves. We hope that this purposeful project goes on helping more and more girls to attend school and Support Her Education (SHE).

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Bhagavad Gita Gift Distribution at Iskcon Vrindavan

_MG_2977_MG_2966The International Society for Krishna Consciousness on Tuesday the 31st of March at the Krishna Balaram Hall located in the courtyard of the Krishna Balaram Temple in Vrindavan organised the Vyasapuja Festival (the birthday celebration of a Guru or Spiritual Master)of His Holiness Jayapataka Swami and invited some members of the Food for Life Vrindavan Organisation and 40 girl students to attend the celebrations where a copy of the famous Vaishnava scripture,the Bhagavad Gita as it is by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada (the founder Acharya of the Hare Krishna Movement)was given to each of these students as a gift.

Sandipani Muni school values the importance of giving their students a solid spiritual education combined with their curriculum and it is in the pipeline to start giving Bhagavad Gita classes,as in India,the Bhagavad Gita is recognised as the most important spiritual scripture amongst those who worship Krishna.

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Prize Giving Ceremony

_MG_2890_MG_2721On Monday the 30th of March,at both SMS schools in Vrindavan and Kiki Nagla a yearly ceremony  took place of Award giving to the best performing students in the categories of Academic performance,Attendance and Best behaviour.First second and third position prizes were awarded to a total of 100 Students( 40 from the Kiki Nagla school and 60 from the Vrindavan counterpart),the gifts varied and included sweets,toys for the younger girls and a Tea cup set for the older ones.The girls in the audience were cheering for their friends who got the prizes and the mood was jovial all around. The reason for these ceremonies taking place is to encourage all the students to perform to the best of their abilities and encourage those who did not receive a prize to improve their personal school performance.Nikunjavasini dd(Sponsorship Department Coordinator)and a few of our current volunteers plus a visiting group from the States participated on stage by assigning each winning student their gift.

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