Children’s Day Celebrations at Government Orphanage of Mathura

On Saturday the 14th of November 2015, India celebrated the birthday of their first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who was born 126 years ago and who also introduced the celebrations of Children Day in the Indian Subcontinent. The celebration took place in the nearby City of Mathura and was organized by the local District Probation Officer at the local Government run Orphanage, a school which gives shelter to children with learning difficulties who have been abandoned by their parents. A group of approximately 30 Sandipani Muni girls were invited by the organizer and the District Magistrate of Mathura,Odissi Mr. Rajesh Kumar, who has visited the SMS School during the last visit of our friend and supporter Vivek Oberoi . A gift of a photograph taken when he visited the school (of him and his family with Vivek)was presented to him during the start of the programme by the Principal of SMS Intercollege, Mr.Rajendra Singh.

Group PhotoThe girls who are attending different grades at Sandipani Muni School came accompanied by Dance Teacher Ritu Singh,Odissi teacher Pratap Chandra Behera and office staff Partha Sarathi Mullick. They were invited in order to perform in front of the District Magistrate and the Organiser of the event. Three different performances ranging from Odissi  and local Brajabhasi folk dances were performed much to the appreciation of the audience. The girls were given a gift each and were served a lunch feast.


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Celebrating 25 years of Service


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Thank you Pooja and Friends!

Dear Friends,

As you must have seen on our social media pages, we had organized a fundraising event in Manhattan, NY on Thursday, October 1st, 2015. Our long term friend and supporter, Pooja Khanna, from USA worked day and night to make arrangements for this. The great news is that the event was a huge success with nearly $20K raised and 50 girls sponsored at school.

Pooja with KG kids

Pooja Khanna with Sandipani Muni School girls

We were surprised to see how one person’s selfless intention of serving can make such a great difference in someone’s life. Pooja spent sleepless nights to make this event a success. She has greatly contributed to the cause over the years and have also engaged so many people from around the world in this service. We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Pooja, who is an inspiration for our girls in the school. We would also like to thank all of you who attended the event and gave generously. Your contribution has given a chance to these girls to overcome their current circumstances and make a mark in the world through education.                                                                           

This gift of education will one day give back to the society through these girls. So through your contribution, you don’t just change a girl’s life, instead, you serve the whole society. Best wishes and thank you very much on behalf of the girls of Sandipani Muni School.

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Vivek Oberoi visits SMS Vrindavan


Vivek with SMS Girls

On the 7th of September, bollywood film star Vivek Oberoi visited Vrindavan for a few days during the celebrations of Janmastami (Krishna’s birthday Festival). Despite his busy schedule and prior engagements with other organizations, Vivek made it a point to visit his beloved kids at FFL Vrindavan.

Seeing him after a gap of almost three years since his last visit the children were overjoyed. The students and the staff of Sandipani Muni School welcomed him warmly. He seemed very happy to be back amidst the students and distributed sweets to the tiny tots at the kindergarten, who greeted him with cute faces and enchanting smiles.

Vivek II

Vivek with the karate kids

He took a tour of the school and made time for everyone. He chatted with the girls and even remembered many of their names. He inquired about their studies and over all wellbeing. He saw a few karate and dance performances and was very impressed by the students’ sportsmanship and skills.

On the next day he invited the District Magistrate of Mathura, Mr Rajesh Kumar and his wife to visit the school and see the work that is being done. Vivek personally took him around and told him about the projects of FFLV. Mr Kumar seemed greatly impressed and assured us of his assistance to keep the good work going.


Vivek visiting classrooms with DM Mathura

Vivek has been the brand ambassador of our organization since 2007. He established project Devi in 2009 that aimed at educating girls and breaking their cycle of poverty. Over the years he has greatly contributed to the development of the various projects at FFLV. His enthusiasm and commitment has only increased with time.


Vivek with the trees that he planted on his previous visit

His great skills as an actor have won him prestigious awards like Star Dust, IIFA, Filmfare, Zee Cine, etc time and again in the bollywood film industry. However, apart from being extremely successful in his professional life, he is a great human being whose heart beats for the needy. He has won many awards and titles in the field of humanitarian works aswell. He goes out of his way to extend a helping hand to them. We have seen this personally at Food for Life Vrindavan and wish him great success in his future endeavors.


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Teachers’ Day at Sandipani Muni School Vrindavan

Neetu Teaching

Neetu Sharma,11th Grade student,taking the role of a teacher and conducting a lesson to the 3rd Grade pupils.

On Friday the 4th of September 2015, Sandipani Muni School Vrindavan and Kiki Nagla celebrated National Teachers Day. It is also the  birth date of the second President of India, academic philosopher Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

It’s an yearly appointment where the teachers are celebrated and honored by their students for the important role they play in their lives, a day where the teachers take a break and the students from 8th Grade onwards (in particular those students who have the ambition to become teachers themselves once they complete their studies) take the lead and have the opportunity to step into the teachers shoes and conduct the lessons in the role of their teachers.

SMS Intercollege teachers taking a break while their students have temporarily taken their role.

SMS Intercollege teachers taking a break while their students have temporarily taken their role.

Some classrooms are decorated with balloons and festoons, some with drawings, thank you cards are given by the students to their teachers and the general atmosphere is relaxed and festive.

The students in the role of teachers took the opportunity seriously and acted the role very convincingly. In some classes the students would teach in pairs, in others as a single teacher. Our students understood the importance of a school education and the teachers understood the responsibility they have in the life of their pupils.

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